hampi Photo Essay

The natural landscape around Hampi is one of the oldest exposed surfaces on earth and completely unique. Millions of years of erosion by wind, sun, and rain caused the giant granite rocks to crack, split, and reform into their current guise. The dusty red landscape is reminiscent of Mars, where the smooth rocky outcrops are piled up precariously on top of each other, in stark contrast to the structured lush green rice paddies interspersed between them.


I should also mention Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and that there are hundreds of temples dotted around this other worldly landscape. The Lotus Mahal Palace perhaps takes the biscuit with its ornate carvings, manicured lawns and views onto Anjanadri Hill. It is a brilliantly peaceful place to explore by bicycle, getting lost on the dusty paths and stopping for a cold drink in one of the many quiet cafes perched overlooking the rice fields below.


Be sure not to get stuck the wrong side of the river after dark when the taxi service stops, although it is very evident that many people have never quite managed to get out of Hampi at all. It’s a lovely place to get stuck.