best of india Photo Essay

India really grew on me as a country, and it continues to do so even after I have left. It created such strong memories and experiences that I perhaps didn’t appreciate at the time, but when I find myself reminiscing of my travels, it is of India more often than not.

The colours left the strongest imprint, and I immediately picture women dressed in exquisite orange and purple saris as soon as I think of India. The blur of colours is quickly followed by the smells of cumin and garam masala spices simmering in oil, and by the sounds and beats of Bollywood’s finest music blaring out speakers to celebrate Virat Kohli’s latest match winning innings in the cricket.

Despite the madness of sounds and smells, my favourite memory is of being woken up by the sound of the chai-wallah shrieking down the train carriage “chai, chai, chai, chai, chai”. The “dunun, dunun” of the speeding train is slowly overwhelmed by the approaching tea salesman, which is the sign it is time to wake up. I marvel as he balances a boiling pot of tea one handed on a rocking train, and hands you your trusty paper cup of joy, which will aid the next 10 minutes entertainment of gazing out the train window watching the locals go about their morning routines.