Mysuru Photo Essay

“Mysuru is lovely! You really must visit” proclaimed a couple we met in Kerala. India can be described by many adjectives, usually along the lines of intense, colourful, crazy, or spiritual. Very rarely is it described as lovely, so this naturally grabbed our attention, and we rerouted our next train accordingly.


We were not disappointed either, with wide and relatively orderly tree-lined roads, a truly stunning palace, and opulent dining in the Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel, it was very different from other Indian cities. A huge university population also feeds the swathe of new IT companies based on the city’s outskirts, which provides a fascinating insight into the ambitious youth of India. They fill the bars after work to chat in English about their day’s travails, watch the cricket, and enjoy a beer.


Despite all the unique aspects to Mysuru, the main draw is an absolute Indian staple, but it happens to be one of the best. Devaraja market is that intense, colourful, and crazy attraction that you come to expect from India. It isn’t massive or overwhelming, but it somehow manages to stock everything you ever did or did not need. Take your camera and get lost.